SouthLand Trade is the sole, exclusive distributor of Hookafina Tobacco in the state of Illinois.

Hookafina is made from the finest french tobacco leaves and the most exquisite flavoring imported from various parts of the world. Hookafina is masterfully blended by hand for the ultimate smoke density, flavor intensity and longevity. 35 flavors are available! Hookafina is smooth on the inhale and satisfyingly dense on the exhale.

Hookafina: “Big Flavors, Huge Clouds” 

Hookafina offers more than 33 different flavours. Some of our unique flavours includes Pink Grape Fruit, Grape minte, Citrus Mint, Citrus Berry, Kozmo, FrostBerry, Twilight and many more. Hookafina Tobacco is also currently available to the European market via our distrbutors in Russia and the UK. Hookafina is also in the process of being introduced to the Middle Eastern market to be the first ever US manfactured tobacoo to be exported to the Middle East.



- Blueberry

- Citrus mint

- Guava

- Citrus berry

- Double apples

- Apple delicious

- Mango

- Watermelon

- Cantaloup

- Dragon Fruit

- Vanila

- Choclate

- ChocoMint

- Orange

- Tijuana Sunrise

- Lemon

- Pineapple

- Strawberry

- Cherry

- Strawberry Margarita

- Kozmo

- Rasberry

- GrapeMint

- Blackcurrant

- Electric Lotus

- Grenadine

- Ruby Rush

- Apricots

- White grape

Pack it ..Smoke it..Love it..


Made in the U.S.A.



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