AL-Wady Natural Charcoal

Southland Trades team is also glade to offer our customers our Al-Wady classic Natural wooden Charocal. Given that Al-Wady is made of natural orange and lemon branches.This makes for a flavorless long lasting amber flame that doesn’t affect the essence of the tobacco you are using. Made in Egypt; the land of the free.  Al-Wady is the leading charcoal distributor in Egypt with more than 80 years experience in charcoal business. Please contact your Southlands Sales rep for more details in regards to Al-Wady Charcoal pricing and shipping options.

 Al Wady is not only great in quality but also is very economical. It is ideal for hardcore smokers and hookah lounges. Each case is 13 Kg with 43 charcoal packages.

Contact our team for distrbution options and details.



 Chanchela Charocal

We are proud to present Chanchela; a fully organic charcoal. Chanchela is extracted from naturally grown trees where no  chemicals were used at any stage of their growth.

Chanchela Charocal is long burning and ideal for tobacco smoke as it doesnt tend to burn tobacco at higher temprature similar to Coconut based charcoal. The cube shaped charcoal makes it easy and ideal to use for hookah smokers. Chanchela is offered in 3 different shapes (Finger shape, Cube shape and Natural shape); available in 1 Kilo packages.

SouthLand Trades is the sole, exclusive distributor in the US  for Chanchela organic hookah charcoal…




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